Anindo Furniture Indonesia Based Furniture Company

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Anindo Furniture is a furniture company that is based on Indonesia, the company has developed hundreds of furniture that are wide in variety, it ranges from the living room, bedroom, outdoor, kitchen, and dining. To put it simply, you can find any furniture you want from Anindo company because they are available with a wide variety of products that can be added to your interior design. Since the company is Indonesia, the raw material and craftsmen also come from the country, the woods that are used to produce the products are harvested from the local industrial forest while the local people support the creation of the product by maintaining the quality of the item trough hand made. 

What Makes Our Product Stand Out Among Others

As we already stated before that our company comes with a wide variety of products that fit any interior design. We don't only develop the classic interior looks with carving detail on the item you purchased but we also develop a modern design to fit modern minimalist interior. From each product that you purchased can also be personalized into your preference, the company will provide personalized finishing to your product to ensure that you can have your version of furniture. 

Our Delivery System

Another benefit of purchasing the product from our company is the fact that we provide a delivery service to around the world. We are glad that we can participate in the international market and purchase because we believe that our interior design will fit any type of house. The delivery system is selected carefully to ensure that each item that you purchase arrived perfectly without any damage that might decrease the value of the product. The item also selected and checked in detail before the delivery, the packing is also chosen with caution; the final check before delivery is done one by one by our staff to maintain the products are in good shape when they arrive in your door. 

Where Can You Found The Available Product From Our Company

Any product from Anindo furniture is available in an online catalog, each product will be explained in detail including the size, the materials, dimension, and others while you can choose the finishing color yourself since the company offers a variety of finishes. The online catalog that we provide will be divided based on the category of space that fits each of the products although you can apply them anywhere your want because we want to make your way in choosing our products easier. 

Do We Give Customer Support?

Yes, we do give customer support. In case you have questions regarding our company, products and delivery service you can contact our salesperson online. Our official website will direct you to the number of our staff who will explain the company and the product in detail. Our salesperson will also available to give you advice and help in choosing the right furniture for your interior design. We believe that supporting our customers is also our priority to make sure that every purchasing is a memorable experience.